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1957 plymouth Belvedere 2dHT in Denton, TX

From: Gary
Date: June 09, 2000
Time: 12:55:39


I saw a '57 Belvedere 2door hardtop sitting along the road with a for sale sign on it yesterday. It's a half-fast restoration, but has lots of solid parts. I gave it a pretty quick look, but didn't see any serious rust. It's been painted a metalflake turquise and white, and the paint is pretty cheap-loooking. The stainless has all been polished with a course abrasive, and needs lots of work, but it looked like it was all there. The interior had been restored with non-original material, and it had a new headliner. It'a 318 TorqueFlite, and the guy said it ran decently, though I didn't hear it. He had several parts and pieces in the trunk and said a 4-door parts car went with it.

He had it listed for $6500, but have no idea what he'd take. I'm looking for something that requires less work, but if anyone is interested, e-mail me, and I'll get his phone number for you.


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