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From: Justin
Date: June 19, 2000
Time: 13:47:13


Hmm..there seems to be two different opinions about this subject. If the 15" switch is necessary, would it be possible to use the original '57 hubcaps? (not the full wheelcovers, but the plain-jane dog dish hubcaps that were found on the Plazas and Savoys). Perhaps they would fit on 15" wheels from a 1980's Gran Fury or Diplomat; I think they have the same bolt pattern and have 15" diameters. Does anyone have any original '57 hubcaps? Full wheelcovers can be found on Ebay quite often, but I've never seen the plain hubcaps. The ideal outcome would be original hubcaps on some wide Gran Fury cop wheels. I'm looking for a sleeper.

Thanks! Justin


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