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The A-B-C's (literally)

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 02, 2000
Time: 10:59:58


Basically,the "A-bodies" are the Valiant,'63-up Dart,Duster and related;the "B-bodies" are the '62 -'78 'Intermediate' bodies ('62 Ply./Dodge and their descendents,such as the '66-'74 Charger,'68- 74 Roadrunner,last B-body being the '78 Fury type) ,"C-bodies" are the 1965-78 full-size cars (all Chryslers/Imperials,and all the big Ply./Dodge models similar to them). 1957-61 Forward Look cars predate the letter codes. The '62-64 Chrysler and Dodge Custom 880,as well as Imperial to '66 are direct descendents of Forward Look cars and are not generally considered C-bodies when that term is used. DAVEN


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