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Carpet and Rear End

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 19, 2000
Time: 10:56:33


Both sets of carpet were from JC Whitney (They of the famous auto parts mail order catalog). They cut the carpets to the dimensions they have. Both sets fit pretty well,but required slight trimming (anybody's would,really). The rearend in my wagon is NOT modified in any way,even the leaf spring brackets hooked right up! You may have to move the leaf spring brackets in your case,but since the case dimensions on the 8.75" rears (older and newer) are the same the original driveshaft will be the right length. (ANOTHER reason to use the 8.75" instead of the 9.25",that I didn't state the first time) The 9.25" is slightly larger and may require a 1"-1.5" shorter driveshaft. Again, JC Whitney or anyone else will custom make the carpet from patterns the plant has,so they all need slight trimming at the edges. Whitney's has been doing custom pattern carpets since the '20's, my dad got custom red carpets for his '40 Ford from them in 1959! Good Luck,DAVEN


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