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Speaking of Plymouth rear-ends...

From: Justin
Date: July 24, 2000
Time: 20:14:34


In reference to the earlier message about rear ends interchanging on '57-'58 Plymouths. It's said that 65-73 C-body 8 3/4" rear ends should fit. Are these a good fit for both width and ease of mounting? What exactly is involved in changing a rear end? I know of a junked '67 Imperial nearby; does it have a compatible rear end? Is it safe to assume that contemporaneous B-bodies also use the 8 3/4"? The rear end of my '57 Savoy appears sound, but I'm changing to a new, more powerful engine and modern transmission. I think the car originally had a 277 or 301 V8. I'm mainly looking for a convention emergency brake arrangement and easier to find brake parts.

Would one be able to retrofit a conventional emergency brake on the existing rear end? Might it be better to keep the original one and just find new parts for it? I hope to upgrade to power brakes. Any sage advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks!! Justin


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