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Re: Fury-daily driver?

From: Calvin
Date: July 28, 2000
Time: 13:42:57


Well John how many times do you live. I love these cars as much as anyone else if not more but it would be follish to have a car like that and not enjoy it as much as possible. I have a 57 plaza that will be on the road in another year or too and I don't care what people say, she'll be my daily driver, and I live in northern minnesota mind you. All you have to do is keep the bottom clean like in the winter ocassioally take it to the loacl shop put it up on the rack and wash the salt off. Because remember when your gone you cant take it with you, so enjoy it. Besides it would be nice to see 57 & 58 plymouths cruising around their are too many chevies out there.


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