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Got My Pertonix Ingitor Stuff for my 354 BUT.......

From: Chris
Date: July 28, 2000
Time: 21:04:21


I really appreciate the help you guys have given me. One more question.

I bought the Pertronix Ignitor and coil for my 58 354 Poly. They didnt have a kit for my motor. My distributor is the Auto-Lite single point. The only kit they had for single point dist. was from 61-70 all single point mopars.

I bought it, hoping that it would work. Well needless to say it doesnt fit. I can modify the mounting plate of the ignitor to make it fit but prefer not to as this might mess with the advance.

So, while I had my distributor out, I measured from the bottom of the dist. housing to the end of the dist. shaft and its 4 1/4". Now, does someone know if this is the same length as the the 61-70 small blocks?

Thanks again, you guys are great. BTW, I put up a new web site at please stop by to say hi. Its still a work in progress but most of it is finished. Thanks again.


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