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If I'd known you drove THAT...

From: Daven Anderson
Date: July 30, 2000
Time: 21:59:11


Yes indeed a manual steering vehicle sure is easier than a 'failed power steering' vehicle, the 26.4 ratio in your car lightens the effort but increases the lock-to-lock to 6.2 turns (vs. 3.5 for the power steup. But even a 20:1 manual steering vehicle (a la NASCAR of that period) is at least DESIGNED to be steered without power assist,'failed power steering' still has much more mechanical resistance (easy to test,just remove your P/S belt!). '62-up Chrysler made M/S units were 24:1 standard,by the way...So if you drove that failed P/S vehicle,I think you can live with the M/S (I have for years,despite my mechanic's objections!). DAVEN


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