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Re: Chrysler Historical Foundation

From: Joe Godec
Date: August 02, 2000
Time: 09:24:08


The street address for the Chrysler Historical Collection is: Daimler Chrysler Corporation Chrysler Historical Collection 12501 Chrysler Freeway CIMS 410-11-12 Detroit, MI 48288

I just had them do some work on my '60 Fury and they came up with all sorts of info since they had a copy of the original build record of the car. It took them just under three weeks from the day I wrote the letter to the day I got my reply, and it does cost $45 (but it's well worth the cost). About the only thing they couldn't tell me was how many cross-ram "Sonoramic Commandos" they produced in the 1960 model year. Unfortunately, they don't have a published e-mail address.


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