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Re: 1958 plymouth belvadere--4 door

From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
Date: August 09, 2000
Time: 02:03:13


I too am in the process of restoring a 4 door sedan. I am in Illinois, and found mine in Minnesota. It is a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. I paid 2K for it, and drove it over 800 miles home. It needed to be completely redone, but was very complete & not messed with in any major way. When I looked for 2 door models all I could find was junk and for easily twice what I paid for mine that I could drive home. I have some of the more desireable features for the car as well,(radio, 2 tone paint & stainless trim, dual quads, 150 mph speedo) but I plan to build mine to drive. Not in the Chicago winters of course! I have already converted the brakes over to a more modern master cylinder, and currently have the engine & trans at the shop being redone (slight over bore & mild cam, and head work). I chose to do this car because I liked it, not for it's value. I hope to never have to sell it, as I have enjoyed working with it for a while now.


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