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Pre '62 A vs. '62-66 A/'67-up LA crank flange lengths

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 09, 2000
Time: 10:34:31


Your '61 transmission won't work with '62-up crankshafts,because the '57-61 A-series engines' cranks protrude 3/4" farther out of the engine than '62-up cranks! Yes,on ALL V8's,BOTH A (poly) AND B (wedge) series,they changed to shorter flange crankshafts in 1962! The transmissions on both series changed from cast iron cases to aluminum in 1962 also. The bellhousing pattern for A-series and LA IS the same,but if the crank flange is too long or too short,this won't do you any good! You should use a '62-64 A-series 727 pushbutton Torqueflite,it will bolt right on to your crate engine,shift with the '57-61 buttons AND can be easily modified to take more power than your crate engine puts out! The tranny you need can be found in any automatic 318 '62-64 B-body. DAVEN


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