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A couple of other things

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 09, 2000
Time: 10:52:23


While I'm here,the '62-64 727 has no driveshaft parking brake so you would have to either use a line lock or change the rear axle to a later model C-body rear axle. Myself and several others on this board have done the latter with very good results. '65-up rear axles do not have the tapered axle shafts of the '57-64,making them MUCH easier to service! Even if you had a stock engine/trans., it would STILL be worthwhile to use a later axle for this reason alone. Unfortunately,the only 727 with a driveshaft parking brake is the '62 (and ONLY '62) Chrysler 727,and those are all B-series bellhousings. One good point is that the A-series and B-series 727's in this era ('62-4) are the same internally,so the A-series pushbutton 727 is one of the most bulletproof trannys ever put behind any small-block V8! 500-600 HP is no problem for this tranny,properly built. DAVEN


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