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Re: 1958 plymouth belvedere--4 door

From: j, descoteaux
Date: August 10, 2000
Time: 01:57:33


I'm doing the same think with mine - restoring it to drive knowing it'll never be worth what I'm putting into it. I love sedans (and could never afford a 2 door HT on my income anyway!). I went and checked out the cars near my house today - all wagons except one: a '58 Silver Special that's still all there but has been parked in a field for 20 years. I took a roll of photos today and got some great parts from the wagons but the Special isn't for parts; it's for sale for $300. The owner has to get rid of about 25 parts-worthy cars in the next month because they will be crushed soon by the new owners of the property. The cars include a '53 Cranbrook, '51 Coronet, '55 Merc 2 DR HT, '56 Ford Vic Wagon, '51 & '52 Stude's, '54 Pontiac, a real straight '70 Fury, '58 Suburban, 2 '59 Suburbans (a 2 and a 4 door, both baby blue). a '59 Ford coupe, and many more. I hate seeing this kind of thing happen to perfectly good parts (and restorable) cars. Anyway, as far as those Belvedere parts go, there's a parts place with 18 acres of pre-'65 cars here that has the fin edges for $75 each, the mirror for $175, each piece of stainless trim for $50-$75 ($35 if it's bent) get the idea. Best to ask around to see who's got one out in the country they'd pull parts from without having to pay "desperation" prices at the yards. My parts car is right near you - in Ironwood, MI but I've already bought all the stuff you're looking for from it. I found it after buying one piece on eBAy, then asked if he had any other parts. Check out Mopar clubs in your area (I bet there's many out that way) to see who's got what. Keep in mind that the '57-'59 Plymouth and Dodge sedans have the same roofline and glass so headliners, door panels, and window trim are the same. Same with mirrors - look at other Chrysler cars from the same era. Ok, I'm gonna shut up now.


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