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Spacer comments

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 12, 2000
Time: 13:37:13


This is typical of what you'll have to go through if you intend to put '62-up transmissions behind '57-61 engines. The spacers seem to vary from car to car,1/2" to 3/4" thick. (to put '62-up trannys on long-flange '57-61 cranks) Fortunately,eight bolt flywheels are available to fit the '62-up A and B engine cranks in the MP catalog,and those can just be dethreaded for the '57-'61 bolts. A '62-up engine with a '57-61 trans is even MORE of a chore,this would involve cutting down the bellhousing 1/2" to 3/4",welding it back together and then make a 6-bolt flange plate to fit the converter or clutch. Given advanced machining and welding skills,almost anything is possible,of course,but it's MUCH easier and costs less in the long run to keep the pair (engine/trans.) '57-61 OR '62-up matched. The 'average' home mechanic should do it this way,if not find the best CNC machine shop in your area,plan WAY ahead,prepare to be perpetually short on cash and buy aspirin in bulk! DAVEN


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