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57 plym. engine swap

From: brandon  prewett
Date: August 15, 2000
Time: 13:59:56


on a 57 plym. plaza, i would like to go to a 440. i have seen one on the net with a 440 in it, but upon quick measurements, i am wondering how the 440 would fit into the engine bay. seems like too much motor for the space. i would like to retain my 58 3 spd. push button tranny. is that feasable? i know the crank is going to be different...right? is there any way to adapt it? if the 440 is going to be too much trouble, i would opt for 340 or 360. and as a last resort, i could easily do a 318. not a ground pounder, but still has some umph. anyway, i would really love some input, not only on engine choice, but on the actual swap. any suggenstions, thoughts, ideas are welcome. since i am not going to be driving the car all the time, i would like something that will really REALLY get up and go. dont want to end up with a race car though. do you know what i mean? heck. i would forget the 440 all together if someone could put me in touch with a 58 350 goloden commando engine. that would be prime. the 350 would probably have to be a rebuilder, for me to be able to afford it, but if anyone knows where one is in any condition, that would be my number one choice. thanks for your time everyone. look forward to the replies.



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