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Re: What would you pay ????

From: Jason
Date: August 15, 2000
Time: 22:01:14


To hack or not to hack....that is the question....The first price i received for a drum was $50 and I thought that was a bit steep... then the rest came in...seem to average around $75 each and upto $95.. I'd expect to pay that for a new drum !!! Theres a crew down here that'll make up a kit from aftermarket parts to convert to disk for me for about the same price...Now, I know the sensible thing to do is to go with the conversion, but they need me to send my stub axle, which means I'll need to redo the King-pins and therefore may as well redo the front end while I'm at it..again sensible..but the cost is still high... basically thats my drama..want to save $$$ so I can get driving ASAP...So unless I can find a cheap drum out there, I'll go to disc brakes... any-one in the states who do a reasonably priced conversion kit for the 56 Plymouths ?????? Thanks, Jason


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