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Converter weights/Motor Mount

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 17, 2000
Time: 00:00:24


Yes,generally speaking,you buy a conv. with weights already attached. Just keep in mind that that the MAGNUM 360 weights are different than the pre-magnum 360 weights,so if you buy a ready-weighted converter,it should be for a Magnum ('92 -up) 360 specifically. Mopar Performance sells the weights separately for those who wish to change any (318) converters they already have. Buying a pre-weighted converter from many of the big speed shops is usually the best way to go. The repro motor mounts are still rubber. You should allow for slight modifications to the motor mounts themselves. On my '60 I had to do new mounting holes in the repro big block motor mounts,to make the engine/trans line up with the driveshaft better. '57-59 Ply's use a mount with a cylinder-shaped rubber insert,sometimes called a 'can' style motor mount,and the '60-61 use a 'biscuit' style (square and more cube shaped). The 'can' type might be easier to angle up slightly if the 360 Magnum requires this. There will be a bit of trial and error in tweaking the motor mounts,as in just about any engine swap. DAVEN


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