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56 Dodge Coronet engine swap

From: Norm P
email: or (406) 892-2317
Date: August 19, 2000
Time: 13:49:10


Hey Gang! Happy Sat. from Montana! Just to update everyone on my swap. The LA engine and 904 trans are in, floor shift done, Dart throttle assy. done, electronic ignition and voltage reg. done. Cooling system op ok. I even used the OE Dart fan shroud. The A body rear axle was too narrow (duh!!) Swaped for one from 72 Sattelite, even had the same brakes as the Dart.(good thing considering I had already bought all new brake parts.) The 74 Master cyl/booster combo was direct bolt-in! Mounted Dart metering block where old brake T was with some fab to route the front brake lines. I'm just about ready to move the spring pads so I can mount the rear axle. Droped the old fuel tank, and got about 10 gal of 20 year old gas on my gravel driveway! Pew!! Having a hard time finding a tank, (top of tank GONE!) I'm going to try the tank from the 72 Sattelite as it is about the same size, will have to fab a filler neck adaptor. Will keep everyone posted. Have a great weekend! Norm P


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