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Re: Help with a '58 Fury

From: jzy
email: none
Date: August 22, 2000
Time: 22:13:33


There is no real way to know for sure except to have the Chrysler Historical Collection run you a copy of the “build card” (it’s $45.00 now and about a 1 mo. wait) They have them all for the ‘58’s There were a few more than 5300 Furys built; about 35% with the Golden Commando engine option; which was available in any body style. There might have been as many as 250 total 350 CID cars with manual transmissions. Moat of the Golden Commando 350 CID engines have been rebuilt due to the bad piston slap in the originals. The interior fabric is very hard to obtain and expensive as are the other interior bits and pieces so to build a clone is tough (although done) Most of the Furys were quite well equipped; I have never seen one with manual steering most have power windows and brakes. When the vehicles were factory ordered vs. purchased from dealer stock, a special brass build plate was installed on the interior tunnel saying that the “car was specially built for…..” These are very rare and cars with them are very valuable. Also there was a special Fury supplement for the owners manual. These sell alone now for about $200 US (one just sold on ebay to someone in New Zealand for about that) So if the car has the supplement and the plate it’s most likely “real” I had a lot of concern about mine till I got the build card but it was all ok. Good luck!


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