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Re: A test of knowledge

From: Jim
Date: August 23, 2000
Time: 09:52:59


Jason, I have been watching you trying to get an answer on your brake drums. This is what I found in my 55-58 parts book:

1955-1956 Plymouth only

11" brake P26, P28, P29 with a 3" wide.........part #692 792

11" brake 3 27/64" wide........................part #692 791


55-56 Dodge uses brake drum part #692 792 on the REAR drums

By reading my parts book it looks like the hub can be pressed out and another can be pressed in. They list part numbers for hubs so it looks like that they were seperate and you just cant tell by looking at it, in other words it looks like one piece. $50 seems like alot for an old drum, but, if you can find a new one (repo?) for a little more, I would go with a new one.


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