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Re: More observations...

From: Jim
Date: August 23, 2000
Time: 22:37:16


My 1956 DeSoto, the Adventurer/Fireflite is a S24, and the Firedome is a S23, but that is not part of the VIN. The little holes are from the spot welding process where it burns the metal onto the door post. According to a 1957 flat rate manual that I have P30-1 is for the Plaza 6 cyl, P30-2 Savoy 6cyl, P30-3 for the Belvedere 6 cyl. The P31-1,2,3 is for the same models but with the V8. Anyway, that is the way I see how it works. Dont you have another Data plate on the firewall where it tells all the info, such as interior codes, paint codes, etc.? Mine is under the brake master cyl on the firewall and hard to read.



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