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Re: '58 Plymouth - How many left?

From: Vince
Date: August 28, 2000
Time: 11:54:12


Now that's a serious question !!

Among the many factors that are making the survival rate of one particular car of the fifties, rust must be very important. Even more when you consider that Chrysler had serious quality problems at the end of the fifties for having bought the Briggs body company and not being able to manage that takeover. '57-'58 Plymouths were known to be seriously prone to rust. Several owners complained at the time that rust surfaced within two years after buying the car. I have seen unrestored '57-'58 Plymouths rusted all through (floors, lower quarters ...).

Having said that, I cannot give you any number for survival rate, maybe somebody else can.

PS : I suppose that when you say 30,000+ Belvedere you refer to only the 2-dr hardtop because the Belvedere model saw over 110,000 cars produced.


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