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Re: disc brake systems

From: Daven Anderson
Date: August 29, 2000
Time: 00:49:31


If I was going for power brakes I'd use a '70's era booster (likely in the same C-body you'd get the front discs/etc. from). The old 'accordion' style looks cool,but what if the rubber cracks and it leaks? And '70's boosters are easy to get,too.

The '56 DeSoto 330 Hemi would be an unusual swap, but one thing going for it is that '59 Dodges weigh around 300 pounds LESS than '56 DeSotos on average. E.G. '56 Fireflite 2 dr. HT = 4030 lbs. shipping wgt./'59 Coronet Lancer 2 dr. HT. = 3590 lbs. shipping wgt. DeSotos are generally based on the larger Chrysler chassis,whereas Dodges were usually a longer wheelbase version of the Plymouth chassis (but still shorter than the Chrysler chassis of their year)


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