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Re: 1961 Plymouth Fury Motor, trans, rear end swap

From: Daven Anderson
Date: September 05, 2000
Time: 05:16:53


The correct motor mounts are the 1960-61 Plymouth /Dodge big block motor mounts,although 1960-62 Chrysler mounts can be used also. Kanter Auto Parts has them. Do not use '57-59 mounts,they are completely different. My '60 wagon has a '70 Sport Fury rearend in it and it looks like it was made with it. Rearend swaps should use '65/'73 C-body donors (except Imperial with the larger 4 3/4" wheel bolt pattern). You should use the car's original leaf springs if you have them (they adapt to the newer rearend with minimal reworking),new leaves can be made to original specs. also.

The trans mount pretty much has to be modified to fit when you have the engine/trans. pair in the car for the test fit. Once you get this located then the drive shaft length can be determined.

The rearend swap is a great idea,as you get a rear with cheaper brake parts (and drums you can buy off the shelf!),and no tapered axle shafts and cotter pins to complicate servicing as in the '57-64 rearends. It's worth doing even on stock engine /trans. cars.


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