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Re: Power steering column

From: Daven Anderson


Sounds like you have the right column for your car. The '59 would have the '59 wheel on it,as well as 58/59 dating. Who cares if the seller doesn't know the year the car was,as long as you got the right piece. I myself have dealt with several people who were certain that the wide block poly 318 was a 383 (and ordered the 383 parts,and wondered why they didn't fit!) Then there was the '62 Plymouth the owner thought was a '61,but in that case the car was titled wrongly as a '61! The odds that someone put a '58 column in a '59 are very low,BUT then again a dealer put 1958 3:15 gears in my '60 Ply. wagon at the request of the original owner! Anyway,you got the right column,enjoy it!


Last changed: July 19, 2018