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Re: Question for Daven Anderson!

From: Daven Anderson


Hi Johnny! Well,actually the '70 Plymouth Sport Fury rearend I used is 1.5" narrower than the '73 rearend you have. I should have been a little more specific that the Plymouth/Dodge C-body rears would be a better fit,especially '69-up when all the C-bodies got a little wider (the 'fuselage' styling). The '73 Chrysler might be the widest C-body rearend. (Imperial excluded) It should work, but there will be less wheelwell room to move the rear tires when changing them.

Sorry,I should post something to the effect that a Ply/Dodge C-body rear would be preferable for this swap in terms of width (esp. '69-up),but if your '73 rear is a good one and no good Ply/Do rears turn up it's worth using.


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