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That link got some interest!

From: Daven Anderson


Well,Brad,the AAJ site does have an e-mail link for questions. I think they're using GM calipers to lower the cost of the kit. I fail to see why you'd need 'disc brake' wheels,at least with Mopar calipers on 11" rotors almost any 14" wheels fit. If the GM calipers were not clearing 14" wheels,it would defeat the purpose of using 11" rotors. If you have to change to 15" wheels,you should then have 12" rotors as I do in my '60 wagon (C-body brake swap). I think the original issue 14"'s will fit,if not that would be a detriment to using the kit (because a change to 15" wheels would argue for the use of the larger 12" rotors,making a C- body donor swap instead of the kit a 'better' choice in that respect). Looking 'forward' to some feedback from the install...DAVEN


Last changed: July 19, 2018