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Re: Paint stripping question

From: Brian Cooper


I used Aircraft stripper (the only effective stripper and I tried ten or so types) and a razor blade in a handle (so I wouldn't get stripper on myself). Those fine scratches dissapeared after the first coat of epoxy primer. I did not DA the whole car, but I did jitterbug the problem areas after two coats of stripper. I used laquer thinner to wash the stipper off as well. It is important to use one type of product throughout the entire coating process, but I screwed up and used PPG DP90 epoxy under DuPont high build primers and DuPont Nason single stage urethane. The car looks awesome, but when it comes back (IN FIVE DAYS!!!) I will 2000 grit the car and two stage buff it to remove any orange peel and dirt. After blocking the entire car out between high build coats, there is little possibility of any sanding scratches from the stripping process showing in the final coat.


Last changed: July 19, 2018