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Re: 1959 Plymouth front end rebuild parts

From: Steve
Email: 59 FURY
Date: December 10, 2000


I have rebuilt several Mopar torsion bar front suspensions. Aside from design changes on individual components, they are all basically similar. I have found Moog chassis parts to be far superior to other replacement brands. If I were to use Another manufacturer's urethane or "polygraphite" bushings, I would still insist on Moog ball joints and tie rod ends .. if you've ever had a ball joint come apart at speed, you'll never use the cheap stuff again. Also, if you have your ball joints installed by someone else, make sure they don't try to press them out or in .. they screw in (those ridges are threads) requiring a special 3/4 drive socket available at parts stores. They are easier to remove and install with the control arms still in the car. Any attempt to use a ball joint press will destroy your control arm. I also upgraded my tie rod ends to the larger heavier C body style. All six pieces must be replaced (2 inners, 2 outers, 2 adj. sleeves) Hope this helps!


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