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'57-58 Ply's ideal for hidden radio plate

From: Daven Anderson
Date: December 16, 2000


GREAT idea,Brandon! For '57-58 Plymouths you could also make a new faceplate out of fiberglass sheet molded to the desired form,either with a DIN cutout (stereo exposed) or as a 'delete plate' (hinged for access). This would save the hassle of finding an original delete plate. Maybe even you could install a late-model DIN+ size Mopar factory CD player just for grins! (one with a Plymouth logo out of a recent Neon or Voyager)

Alas,those of us with the 60-61 Ply's,we have the standard 'dual-shaft' radio dash stamping. Best idea there is to make a new glovebox interior and save the original insides of the glovebox....


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