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Re: Replacing 58 windshield

From: paul williams
Date: January 02, 2001


you have to remove the trim as follows,remove side sections by means of screws visible when opening the door the piece above sreen is also held by screws and the bottom piece by bolts accesible under the dash panel and by removing the vent between the wiper arms[this will un-clip if pryedup gently], after trimmings removed if you look carefully at the rubber you will see a line running all the way around if you insert a blunted screwdriver into it , it will seperate and open up do this all the way around rubber until it is free the glas will push out from the top from inside a two man job its quite heavy, the rear is the same procedure except the trim around the sides and top will slide out of the rubber towards the glass , when replacing screens i find it easier to place top in first and ease them into rubber with a soft blunt object[ a piece of inch by inch wood carved down to a taper, if the rubber is not hard or cracked i would clean it up or re-use, the replacement you by comes in a length and you have to cut and glue to shape, you might be better with good second hand ones good luck paul.


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