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Question on body work

From: Terry C
Date: January 04, 2001


Hello all again, I heard it said there are no stupid questions so here we go. I am in the middle of stripping the paint off of my 58 Plymouth. I am using aircraft stripper and a metal scraper with razorblades. As I am uncovering her steel I am finding pit marks. To keep these holes from getting bigger I have been slowly grinding them out and applying a clear primer to seal it up.Then applying spot putty, sound ok so far? As the spot putty dries I am using very fine water sandpaper and sanding it down dry. I have done this process on one area now seven times, is this right to do it that many time or more until it is smooth? When I am sanding and she is smooth, is the idea to have as little putty as possible and only the holes filled in or should I just sand it out and feather it in?? You guys would be the best to ask as I can see most of you are doing or have done your own bodywork. Thanks in advance Terry


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