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Re: What are the advantages of Polyurethane bushings over rubber?

From: Mike Patterson
Date: January 07, 2001


The Polyurethane bushings are better able to withstand deterioration caused by exposure to high heat/low humidity and/or oil. From a preformance standpoint they flex less than rubber and give a tighter steering feel. The major down side is they can sqeak (and I mean major annoying/embarrasing). I have heard the graphite impreginated bushings are better in this reguard. The reason for my intrest in using these (in the upper control arms only) is my experience with a 440/57 Dodge Coronet combination. The upper control arm bushings on the Plymouth and Dodge cars of that era are relatively small. With the added weight of a much heavier motor combined with living in South East AZ with the high heat and low humidity (great for bodys, hell on paint, interiors, and all rubber products) the bushings only lasted about 7 years and 30,000 miles before they were completly gone. My current project is a 354 Hemi/4spd into a 57 Plaza 2dr where I expect to run into the same problem with rubber control arm bushings.

To those of you who don't live in an area with the temperature/Humidity problems some of us face and who are running the lighter 6cyl/poly motors, the stock rebuild componets will proably do just fine, and I personally recommend staying with them.

And thanks to the gentelman for the responce about the 62/65 bushings.


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