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That's why my car has them! (318 poly not very light,either!)

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 11, 2001


My wagon has a 440,heavy yes but only 80 lbs. more than the poly it replaced!(I weighed both!) That's why the swap works so well overall (in terms of vehicle dynamics and handling),but new shocks and poly upper bushings should be used,of course.

Only the sixes could be considered 'light'(and the 354 Hemi weighs almost 100 lbs MORE than a 440!), but even in a six car poly bushings will last longer,especially in hot and/or humid climates.

I don't notice any bushing squeak once they 'warm up',but starting from when the car has been parked (ESPECIALLY on cold mornings!),yes you'll know for sure the car has poly bushings ;-)....


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