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Anyone in New Orleans should use poly bushings

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 12, 2001


Well,based on the purely unscientific fact that I took a vacation to New Orleans in the summer of 1974,and that I can STILL remember exactly how hot and humid it was (especially being in a new BLACK Hornet station wagon,even with A/C!),I would say the poly bushings would be quite worthwhile even if the car was a six.

The Magnum 360 weighs less than any of the V-8's in the above messages,that's the good part. The BAD part is that the hypereutetic pistons are more brittle than old-fashioned forged pistons,and I just saw a Magnum 360 crack a piston even before the warranty ran out. This engine was in a regular driver,not a racer. (And no the car had no nitrous oxide setup,that would guarantee a quick death for those type of pistons!) This may have been a bad piston,and hypereutetics have advantages over forged pistons in precise fit to the engine bores (less noise,oil consumption,etc.),but the bottom line is that forged pistons are the strongest you can buy,period.


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