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'62-up engine would greatly help!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 19, 2001


My '60 Ply. wagon has a four speed A-833 overdrive floorshift,so I should give you some input.... Indeed,this swap is best done on cars that are original manual transmission cars. Changing to a 1962-66 318 poly engine would help quite a bit! Chrysler changed the crankshaft flange on ALL V8's in 1962 [pre-62 have eight bolt holes,'62-up have six bolt holes;and the earlier flange protrudes about " farther out of the engine than the later]

So on a '62-66 poly 318,you can use the standard '64-74 small block four-speed bellhousing,clutch, etc. If you want to use the '75-89 overdrive A-833 you can use the '75-89 small block overdrive bellhousing that was used in all V8 applications. [In other words,any '75-89 Dodge truck with a V8 and 4-spd.,and any '75-80 V8 4-spd. car)

Swapping a four speed onto a pre-62 engine will require a spacer to be custom-made to move the bellhousing assembly the approx. " back to fit the pre-62 crankshaft flange.

HOT TIP: You can swap a later '62-up crank into your original 318 block,including later '67-91 LA 318's. You can even use the Mopar Performance 4" stroke crank [$349 list],with a .030" overbore you would have a 396 c.i.poly. This will require custom pistons and better rods,like any other 'stroker' engine,but any of the many Mopar engine builders across the country who build strokers could easily build a stroker poly.


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