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Re: Tranny Swap

From: Kenny J.
Date: January 27, 2001


A friend put an early '70s A-833 into his '57 Savoy back in 1979. He used a modified 360, LA bellhousing and took the rear end out of a C-body (along with the parking brake cables and brackets.) He changed the rear end ratio in the newer style third member to 3.55 to be more compatible with the four speed. I don't know if the "Z" bar and linkage was compatible with the newer drivetrain or what he did if it wasn't. He put bucket seats in and used a Hurst Competition Plus shifter. He used the car into the mid 1980s to tow his sand rail trailer and sold it to an Airman who took the car to New Mexico. He never seemed to have problems with the swap, though he regretted never updating the front brakes.

I sure could use a V-8 three speed for my '59 if you wish to sell yours.


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