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Engine swap 1960 Pioneer

From: Mike Loughlin
Date: January 28, 2001


Hello everybody, first of all I want to say that this is by far the best website for any make of car I have found on the web. The info available is great! Now a question you guys have most likely answered a million times, engine swaps. I have a 1960 Dodge Pioneer with a 318 poly and 2 speed powerflite. I am putting in a 1966 383 with a 3 speed torqueflite, same year. I installed a midsump oil pan to clear the front cross member but I need to know what motor mounts to use. Those on the engine don't line up. I looked up Schumacher and they only go back to 1963 for a kit for B-bodies that swaps the poly for a 383. Is my car a B-body and would this kit work? Also what year torqueflite would I have to use to hook up a 3 speed push button trans? I think older than the one I have.(1966) Any help that anybody can send my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Mike Loughlin 60 Pioneer


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