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Pushbutton cable pulls shift lever on later tranny

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 31, 2001


What you would have to do specifically is have the pushbutton cable hooked up to pull the shift lever on the A500 transmission (and then some other acutator to engage/disengage the O/D). This is not an easy project and would involve 'made' brackets to hold the cable in the right place, modifications to the end of the shifter cable, and all of this would have to be tested 'trial and error' until it shifts right. I've seen this done for a '64 Dodge truck,but it required a lot of testing to get it to shift right. Getting this setup to work right is trial-and-error,sorry no 'easy solution' for me to post.

By the time you get it all done,you might have wished you just spent the money for a Gear Vendors gear splitter! A pushbutton 727/GV combo would be much stronger than the A500 <the GV is rated for 1200 hp stock!> and unlike the A500 you can select four speed mode [1,2,3,3 O/D] or six speed mode [1,1 O/D,2,2 O/D,3,3 O/D]. The six speed mode at full throttle is just about worth the extra cash all by itself! :^)

If you still want to do the A500 idea, buy extra headache reliever of your choice and be prepared for the amount of time it may take to get the shifting right....


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