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Repro 57-8 bumper wings? About time someone did 'em!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 31, 2001


MANY other cars have had bumper guards and even whole bumpers reproduced (ex: tri-year Chevy's and prewar Fords). The market for '57-58 Plymouths is more limited BUT it seems to me a run of one or two hundred repro bumper wings would have no problem selling. (unlike whole bumpers,they would be easy to ship,and even those with excellent condition cars would want them as dress-up items) The repro set (2 front,2 back) would fit both years,also. I think a 100-200 run might sell out just right here in the 'for sale' column,no paid advertising needed!

Well,Steven,I don't think fiberglass ones could be convincingly triple-chrome plated (at least not for less than what steel ones would cost),but other than that I'm with you! I am actually surprised no one has attempted a run of them yet, since we all know the originals are basically 'gone'. Glad to chip in my 2.


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