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daven, info on my tranny.

From: brandon
Date: February 01, 2001


well davin, as for the overdivre on the new tranny, i have that all figured out. and i am planning to get away from the lock up torque converter, heard nothing but bad about them. anyway, i dont think i am going to have to worry about horse power any, i am going to run a small block (probably w/ a two barrel) that's why i was wanting overdrive. i dont know what it going to take to mount it in the car yet either, but i know that will be interesting. this is all still in the "evil scheme" stage if you know what i mean. i plan to replace the rear end with that from one of the big ol' C-bodies, but retain a ratio in the mid to high threes, so i dont hurt the engine with the overdrive. anyway, just in case this doesnt work, what do the transmissions you were talking about run $$? any advice you, or anyone else, could give is greatly appreciated. thanks, brandon


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