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Never done,to my knowledge

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 01, 2001


The 727 was substantially changed in 1966 and the valve bodies of 1962-65 do not interchange to the 66-up trannies. (if you have a 1964-65 'PRND321' 727,you can swap in a 62-64 pushbutton valvebody and make it a pushbutton 727) The A518 is indeed a 727 with an overdrive section added,problem is that it's 'later' 727-based ('66-up).

Even if you COULD somehow add the 518's overdrive section to an early 727,the Gear Vendors splitter is much smaller,much stronger (1200 hp rated) and offers your choice of four speed or six speed modes. The A518's huge O/D tailsection usually requires floorpan modifications,and Gear Vendors splitters usually do not need that. For 55-61 Mopar vehicles with big tranny humps made for '413' cast iron Torqueflites and driveshaft parking brakes,you may need little or no floorpan work to fit an A518,I must admit! The 727-GV combo is a piece of cake to install next to making dash pushbuttons shift the RND321 section of an A518.


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