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Thanks! Some '57 DeSotos around where I am too.....

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 10, 2001


I know of two black '57 Fireflite 2-door HT's in my area,one is a very good cond. original car (runs good,I drove it!) and a non-running but complete and rust-free example in inside storage. Easy way to tell a '57 from a '58,open the hood. All '57 DeSotos had Hemis and all '58's had wedges. So when you say '350',that's a '58 wedge displacement. Glad to hear a yard with some good stuff is near you! I pretty much know where a lot of cars I could want are,it's just money-storage space-owner's willingness to sell,etc. "The Usual..."


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