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'58 Plymouth Bumper Wings. 350 'Stick' motor.  Fury 'fuelie'

From: Rick Chaplin
Date: February 11, 2001


Wow! You guys pay that much for those guards!? Good Grief, I bought a whole N.O.S. eight or ten piece rear bumper assembly, for a little over a hundred dollars. Now that was in the early 80's. So, you all say that a decent to good set,(4) of guards with the clips are worth a 'grand' today,,,,,mmmmmm,,,,,,! Let me ask you this. What would a complete set, both sides, with emblems, all N.O.S. Fury Gold be worth today? Don't tell me!! I don't want to know. I'd probably wind up in deep, dark, depression again. OK, somebody tell me this. What would a almost complete, (it used to be 'more' than complete) 350 O.M. 'stick' motor be worth today? I had to send off to Calif. to get pistons/rings made (boo-coo money) for it, back in the early 80's there. Before my 'terrible depressing luck' I was working on assembling a complete Fuel injection sys. to a '58 350. Why I wanted it, I don't know. I suppose, just to have it, along with all of the other piles of '58 Plymouth parts that I didn't really have to have. I remember one part was in Oklahoma, and another guy in Wisconsin had a another piece of one. The 'kicker' was, that I got ahold of a guy in New York City that supposedly pulled a Plymouth out of some river that looked like a 'Christine' car and it had some funny looking kind of carb. Only it wasn't a carb. I couldn't understand only part of what he was saying, he talked way too fast. All that I could understand was something like 'smuck', 'hah', and he was going to junk the car because, it was a 'Damned old Chrysler', and it had been in the river for a long time. In my several attempts to get information from him, I musta' pissed him off, because he wouldn't awnser my letters or phone calls anymore. He just talked too fast, and I talk too long and too slow. What I could gather, I'm pretty sure it was a genuine fuelie set-up. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't get a complete 'fuelie' set up, just to have it and everything else destroyed. I had this puzzling piece, maybe someone knows about. I had a distributor that was identical to a tach. drive, dual point, in-line, two-four, Letter-car distributor, (RB block 413) in every way except the shaft was almost a half a inch shorter. Somewhere, someone told me that was a Fuelie Fury distributor. I don't remember the '58's having a tach. Did they? (The '56's had a tach., did the '58's?) You know, what I've been reading in the 'wanted' sections, of all the parts that you guys are begging for, I still have. I just don't want to get rid of them. Yet. I know that does't make nuch sense. I just can't give a good awnser why I don't want to sell. Maybe sub-consciously, I'm still trying to hold on to something out of the past. I don't know. (Any 'shrinks' out there, wanna tackle this?) I know, that if I ever get my 'dream' car, (and that is one great big 'if', I've been 'Iffing' for almost twenty years now. I see one, I wish in my right hand that I owned/enjoyed it. Then, I go shit in the left hand, and see which fills up the fastest.)I might consider to sell/trade my surving '58 Fury stuff to some lucky person. Help me out there, anybody wanna' buy, (cheap) a Early Hemi powered MoPar Rod? (Check out my 'wanted' ad.) I found my 'dream car' for sale, maybe I can sell almost everything I own,,,,,,there I go again, wishing in one hand, shittin' in the other.


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