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'59 chrysler

From: Eric Carlson
Date: February 14, 2001


I was just told about this site yesterday, I must say for two hours I had many questions answered and have more questions. I have '59 Chrysler wagon that I want to upgrade the running gear. I have a '68 Chrysler wagon that has good rear-end, but I understand I want a Ply/Dodge rearend from '69 and later. I called a guy and said they make 3 different rearends for '70 alone!!!! He said in his 'books' that a '68 Chry is the same???? I also have a '65 Dodge that I understand the tranny will go in the '59 Chry if I change the valve body, I'm really new to the V8 world, can someone explain this? I want to put my '65 Dodge 383 in the '59 too. Thank You.


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