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beware 58 fury- par for the course

From: joe dickason serious cash buyer
Date: February 15, 2001


I had been negotiating a deal with this guy in oregon and ---oh sorry it is sold......... here is the email after almost two weeks of making arrangements to go ACROSS COUNTRY FOR THIS CAR. .Whats up with this guy?????

To all of you that have expressed interest. the fury is tentatively sold. i say tentatively because i have been down this road before. anyway the\wire transfer of the deposit has taken place and the car is scheduled to be picked up in two weeks. thanks to all of you who emailed me and expressed interest. thanks, clif ps, the lucky buyer was rod belisle who is one of the forwardlook members, maybe you can talk to him about selling it. he may even want to sell just the hemi as i know a couple of you were real interested in that.


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