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A & B 727's mean engine types/link to AAJ kit

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 15, 2001


When I say A-727,that means a 727 that has the bellhousing pattern for the A-series engine (318 poly,for those years). A B-727 has the bellhousing pattern for the B-series engines (350,361,383,400, 413,426 wedge and 440). Both of the '65 wagons have the same B-727's,as the 383 and 413 are B series engines. (413 thru 440 have higher deck heights and are also known as "RB" engines,for 'raised B').

The AAJ kit is designed to fit on the original 55-61 drum spindles. The kit uses 11" Mopar rotors and GM calipers so original 14" wheels will clear the calipers. Regardless of the front end's shape the spindles are not a 'wear' part and being able to put disc brakes on the car without removing them is a definite plus! Here's a link you can click on and see them:


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