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Good idea! (and more about your tranny)

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 16, 2001


It's just so much easier to do it as a manual brake car....and by the way,today I personally test-fit a valve body from a '63 A-727 into a '65 B-727,just to make sure! You won't be able to select "Park",of course (since there was no "P" pushbutton) but other than that it fits 100%. One cool thing is that the shaft end of the '65 trannies are slip yoke instead of ball and trunion ('64-earlier),so it's stronger and easier to remove the driveshaft. In fact I know a '64 Plymouth owner who put the '65 transmission in his car just for this reason (after swapping in the '64 valve body from his old shot tranny,of course!) So actually your effort to put in the valve body will give you the 'best of both worlds' transmission. Neat,huh?


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