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Spitfire seal is larger/Engine has larger bore than 230

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 17, 2001


The Spitfire main bearing seal is larger than the 230 six. However,main bearing seals can also come in undersize (for heavy-wear high mileage engines) which complicates things. The Spitfire engine looks very similar to the 230,but its engine numbers would be from the Canadian plant sequence. The US motor numbers are LP6-1001 and up (after March 26,1958 it's LP230-1001 and up). Since I don't have the Canadian motor numbers,or know of any Canadian cars anywhere near me for reference, I just hope they're different (LP-251??). I do know the motor was used in 1946-51 Chry. Windsors in the US,and it's 3.438" bore / 4.5" stroke. The 230 six is 3.25" bore / 4.38" stroke. The bore size difference will be very obvious if the head is off the engine. The Spitfire is a physically larger block than the 230,but there it's hard to tell unless you had also measured the 230.

Maybe a Canadian with a Canadian shop manual is reading this? (I hope!)


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