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Odds on driveshaft swap

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 17, 2001


I wouldn't know what the odds are about the driveshaft fitting right up,I'd say "not good" BUT it wouldn't hurt to hold it under the car and look at it (since you HAVE it already). It could be shortened a bit if needed.

The '68 383/727 would indeed "bolt right in",BUT since the '65 tranny is cable linkage (like the pushbutton ones) and the '68 is mechanical linkage,you'd have to do some modifications to get the '68 transmission to SHIFT in the '65 car. It would be easier to get the whole '63 B-727 and put the '65 valve body in,OR make the '65 wagon floorshift (then you can use any manner of '66-up 727 floorshifters). Making the '65 Dodge cable columnshifter shift a '68 transmission would be a real headache of a project....


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